Live Fully on Purpose

He (Jesus) said to the fig tree, “Let no one ever eat fruit from you ever again!”

Immediately, the tree began to wither and die from the roots up. It had no more PURPOSE for being.

None of us is random; we are all preconceived by God for a specific PURPOSE. Yet so many believe they are products of chance or evolution. Anyone who is living without a PURPOSE is not truly living. Like the barren fig tree, they are defenseless to a sometimes hostile environment. They are subject to the shifting winds of a negative culture, peer pressure, “Murphy’s Law,” or even the bitter fruit of their own poor judgments.

TODAY I SAY: “I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, precisely placed in my location at this exact moment in history to make a difference for God.”

That is why I can face the fray. I can spread joy where there is sorrow. I can bring order to disorder.

By living connected to the Creator’s PURPOSE, wherever I go, whoever’s life I touch, that corner of this fallen world has had a visitation from Heaven’s representative.