Special Message from our Chaplain

At Signature HealthCARE of Galion, we are happy to have our Spirituality Director provide our community inspiration. Thank you for all that you do to serve others in our community!

Our EXPERIENCE almost always works against our FAITH. We are designed to BELIEVE what we hear and hear repeatedly (Santa Clause) unless there is a conflicting report; that can come from our own sense-knowledge and experience, or a dissonant (differing) voice. A trusted or authoritative voice (right or wrong) can supplant a belief that is formed over a time period of perceiving through a different lens (Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus).

We always at all times have the CHOICE of which to believe. Our own head and heart can be in conflict, creating an inner tension that must be resolved; A person who goes back and forth between voices, lacking CONVICTION, becomes unstable and is untrustworthy. The damning cultural sirens and the pressure of our own inherited nature will never stop, so one must determine to embrace Truth when it is found.

A secret to happiness and prosperity is to resolve to seek TRUTH, and reject every other voice. Expose ourselves to other opinions, but surround ourselves with like BELIEVERS. To listen and listen to what we KNOW we should be believing.

That is to affirm the VOICE resonating between heaven and our heart of hearts.

William Seymour
Spirituality Director
Signature HealthCARE of Galion