Activity Professionals Week

My introduction to the Spirituality component of elder care was through an Activities Director–my wife! As an Activities Director in an assisted living facility, she was amazing at recruiting volunteers and making them feel appreciated. Every now and then, a volunteer or group would cancel, often on a Sunday afternoon, and rather than cancel the planned activity, she would call upon yours truly.

Sunday afternoon was my decompression time, relaxing, reading, napping. When the phone rang on Sunday afternoon, invariably it was concerning a pastor or church group cancelling their scheduled activity. “Dear husband, would you be willing to fill in? Our residents so look forward to church!”

I knew that to protest would only cause me to lose my peace, and maintaining my peace on the Lord’s day was paramount to regenerating my batteries. “Okay, I will go right away,” gathering up my bible and hymn book and out the door.

I walked through the front door, into the living area where a captive audience awaited, lined up, half in wheelchairs. Just a short service, a few favorite old time songs chorded on the piano and sung with genuine gusto, a ten or twelve minute gospel message, returned smiles, handshakes and hugs. In the afterglow I would take the opportunity to minister personally with prayers. The personal connections were especially rewarding to me.

How is it possible that I left there feeling not tired but still rested and even revived?