Chaplain’s Corner – Surface Insufficiency

For a number of years I’ve been battling venous insufficiency in my lower extremities. Simply put, the blood goes down but it doesn’t come back up. I can develop sores on my feet that take a long time to heal. On the worst days it can cripple me. The vascular surgeon said that he could strip my veins and that would help my circulation. I never understood that until a podiatrist explained to me that when they strip or cauterize the weak surface veins the blood goes deeper searching for a better exit route.

In my prayer time today I persevered a little longer. I fulfilled all of my regular “devotional” prayers and then waited. What came next was what I could describe as a “diaphragm” prayer. The fulcrum dropped from my head down to my gut, and it felt like I was getting more leverage in the spirit. I went from praying about situations and people to praying for nations world leaders and other things that I do not regularly pray over. Then I circled (circulated) back and prayed for some of the same people and situations with more insight and greater precision.

If you’ve developed some “sores” that are taking too long to heal, press past the surface (daily) prayers, which are good, but sometimes insufficient. Tarry a little longer and let your prayer circulate in a deeper, richer vein. Those festering wounds will soon close up, you will regain your authoritative stride, and God “…will give you every place where you set your foot…” Joshua 1:3