Chaplain’s Corner – Brain Training

Some years ago I was horrified to wake up in the morning with a mammoth floater suddenly interrupting my vision. I’ve seen floaters before but this resembled a huge dancing spider web and it was impossible to ignore.

A retina specialist assured me that it would eventually go away. The floater never actually disappears but the brain trains itself to ignore it and focus on the important things, he said.

In life, “spiderwebs” can clamor for our attention. Various voices–physical pain, mental anguish, overloaded schedules and deadlines, challenging tasks, strained relationships, obstinate people, or personal failures–can infiltrate our thinking in a way that obscures all else. They try to steal our peace and security. Other cultural voices speak loudly all the time but we can train our brains to ignore them and focus our hearing on what is truly important.

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A Tribute to Galion

Russell Kent, editor of the Galion Inquirer, recently featured a very nice tribute to Signature HealthCARE of Galion in the paper. Check it out at


I was once a member of a group that emphasized the need to “pray through” at the altar to receive answers to prayer. While I understand this concept and I know there is a basis in reality and experience, I also know that we can underestimate the power of shorter prayers. “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved,” means that a one-word prayer can translate a person’s eternal destiny!

I recently spoke with a friend who had a religious experience later in life. Following this, he believed that God told him that He had been saved as a child. My friend questioned this because he didn’t remember such an incident. A voice reminded him, “But you prayed, ‘Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…. ‘”

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Chaplain’s Corner: Habit vs. Instinct

This morning a powdery layer of snow blanketed the lawnscape around our facility. The white veneer of a snowfall always transforms the land, but there was a stark difference today between the lawn and the puddled parking lot. Habit would have had me make the brief transit across asphalt to the building where I work. But a childlike notion, instinct, urged me to step from my vehicle onto the grass, where a thousand thousand tiny points of reflected light rejoiced at my arrival.

Tomorrow, after the risen sun wages war on those defenseless icy flakes, the parking lot will again yawn at my return. But today nature surprised me, and beckoned me from preoccupation. I was reminded that daily God speaks, angels dance, and another dimension swirls around us always offering holiday perspective. Most days habit gets us through, but other days instinct can take us into Sacred territory.

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Activity Professionals Week

My introduction to the Spirituality component of elder care was through an Activities Director–my wife! As an Activities Director in an assisted living facility, she was amazing at recruiting volunteers and making them feel appreciated. Every now and then, a volunteer or group would cancel, often on a Sunday afternoon, and rather than cancel the planned activity, she would call upon yours truly.

Sunday afternoon was my decompression time, relaxing, reading, napping. When the phone rang on Sunday afternoon, invariably it was concerning a pastor or church group cancelling their scheduled activity. “Dear husband, would you be willing to fill in? Our residents so look forward to church!”

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A Chaplain’s Corner

Do not look for meaning in the moment of disappointment, trial or tragedy. You will not find meaning–you will only find discouragement. Instead, look for Good. Choose to believe that universal Good undergirds everything. This Good is often not realized or seen because the claustrophobic grip of difficult circumstances tries to choke out the Truth. The Forceful and Immediate always cry louder than the voice of Truth for your attention.

In the moment of the trial or tragedy there is always a Way of escape; when it is revealed to you, a hidden strength will emerge and see you through. Expect Good to emerge out of the fire and if Good is not found in the fire, look for good to emerge from the ashes.

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Jesus took the Twelve aside in private and told them, “We are going to Jerusalem so that everything prophesied about the Son of Man will be fulfilled. They will betray him and hand him over to the people, and they will mock him, insult him, and spit in his face. And after they have abused and flogged the Son of Man, they will kill him. But in three days he will rise again.” Luke 18:31-34 (TPT)

If a respected prophet approached me to tell me that I would be dying in a car wreck on Saturday, I might decide to stay home that day. Jesus knew when He would die, and He knew in detail HOW it would happen. Yet, He determined to continue toward Jerusalem and the torture awaiting Him.

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Special Message from our Chaplain

At Signature HealthCARE of Galion, we are happy to have our Spirituality Director provide our community inspiration. Thank you for all that you do to serve others in our community!

Our EXPERIENCE almost always works against our FAITH. We are designed to BELIEVE what we hear and hear repeatedly (Santa Clause) unless there is a conflicting report; that can come from our own sense-knowledge and experience, or a dissonant (differing) voice. A trusted or authoritative voice (right or wrong) can supplant a belief that is formed over a time period of perceiving through a different lens (Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus).

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