New Look with the Same Superior Care






Signature HealthCARE has been in the renovation process at the Galion facility.  With phase one almost complete in the $1 million renovation, the facility as a whole is welcoming the new home-style look as an additional way to continue improving the quality of life for both short-term and long-term care and rehabilitation patients.  Signature HealthCARE has been revolutionizing the framework of short-term and long-term care for almost a decade now and leads the market in providing superior healthcare to all their residents and patients.

With the first phase of construction completed, SHC of Galion is continuing to focus on the core components of Signature HealthCARE which are spirituality, entrepreneurship, and education.  Holistic care has proven through independent research to increase one’s quality of life, increase healing, and increase various therapy modalities.  CEO, Daniel Wylie, stated, “The physical changes of the building are important but what is most important is the cultural changes that are taking place.  We strive to make a difference in every one of our residents and stakeholders lives.  We are continuing to earn the trust of our residents on a daily basis through quality healthcare, daily activities, and other therapy modalities.

One of the major differences that sets Signature HealthCARE apart from other short-term and long-term care facilities is the department of spirituality.  Director of Spirituality Chaplain Derrick Martin stated, “Having the freedom to choose to worship in your own way is something that hasn’t been practiced in the realm of long-term care.  Giving not only our residents but also their families and our stakeholders the ability and tools needed to worship and practice their faith and beliefs is significant to the holistic care model.  Our department encourages and promotes all faiths and beliefs and we enjoy that great diversity.”

Signature HealthCARE of Galion will be hosting an open house for the community to come out and visit and see the number of renovations and also talk with residents, stakeholders, and administration.  SHC of Galion works with both medicare and medicaid as well as numerous insurances and supplemental companies.  For more information about SHC of Galion contact us today at 419-468-7544 to schedule a tour.