SHC of Galion honors local firefighters


GALION – The current and retired members  of the Galion Fire Department were honored today at a luncheon held by Signature HealthCARE of Galion at their Galion facility.  Nationally recognized, May 19-­‐24 is commonly known as National Emergency Medical Services Week.  This year’s theme for National EMS Week is “EMS: Dedicated For Life”.

Director of Spirituality, Chaplain Derrick Martin knows first hand how thankless the job is as a firefighter – paramedic having worked over twelve years full-time in public safety. Now working full-­‐time with SignatureHealthCARE of Galion and area police and fire departments as a chaplain, Martin wanted to take the time and opportunity to honor both the active duty and retired firefighters from Galion.

Making this occasion even more important to Martin and SHC of Galion was the ability to recognize and honor one of their residents, Captain Raymond Russell (ret.) of the Galion Fire Department who currently resides at Signature HealthCARE of Galion.  Having retired from the Galion Fire  Department in 1982 after 33 years of service, Captain Russell continued working with Galion Fire Appliance, a company he formed in 1969 while also working as a fulltime firefighter.  Continuing to actively work until 2010, Captain Russell worked side by side with his sons, Greg and Dennis Russell who now own and operate the company.

Spending his retirement years from the fire service and working with his sons was a great moment of reflection for his wife Carol Russell.  Mrs. Russell stated that they will be married 60 years this June and she said they have been the best 60 years of her life.  Mrs. Russell stated, “Of those 60 years we hardly ever fought… 60 wonderful years.”  Because of his medical condition, Captain Russell was unable to comment on the event however he was able to express his joy through expression and gesture.

Martin stated, “This whole experience has been a beautiful blessing and a great honor not only for  me but for Signature HealthCARE.  It isn’t every day that you get the opportunity to say thank you to our unsung hero’s of public safety.  What makes this even better to me is the fact that Captain Russell, his wife Carol, and the “boys” are part of our family here at Signature.  Captain Russell even  worked with my uncle when my uncle was the fire chief of Galion”.

Signature HealthCARE is based out of Louisville, KY and recently acquired the facility from Provider Health Care Services formerly known as Olentangy Woods.  Signature HealthCARE is  “revolutionizing long-­‐term health care”. Signature HealthCARE is scheduled to start renovations at the Galion facility in June by investing over 1 million dollars in structural revitalization and various renovations. Implementing the Eden Care Model for long-­‐term care and by utilizing full-­‐time chaplains and spirituality in every facility, Signature HealthCARE has revolutionized the outlook of long-­‐term care forever.

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